Welcome to the Starlink Constellation Simulator

Starlink satellites are low earth orbit communications satellites currently being launched and operated by SpaceX. Unlike geostationary satellites, Starlink will provide very low latency internet access across large distances on earth. In order to provide coverage over most of the inhabited areas of earth, SpaceX is planning to launch a staggering 12,000 satellites. Each satellite will be placed into one of three orbital shells at various altitudes ranging from about 340 kilometers to about 1,150 kilometers. Some have expressed concern that this huge number of satellites in low earth orbit will dramatically change the night sky and affect long exposure astrophotography and astronomy. This site is designed to simulate a view of the sky once all 12,000 SpaceX Starlink satellites are in orbit. You can customize the number of satellites, the number of orbital planes, and the altitudes of the orbital shells of the simulated constellation.

Generate a Sky Chart or Starlink Orbital Elements

Generate Sky Chart

Select location, date, and satellite parameters to generate a sky chart.

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Generate Orbital Elements

Generate a TLE file containing all of orbital elements for the simulated satellites to use in other programs.

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